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Aygun Electrical Devices has more than 40 years of experience and knowledge in the manufacturing industry of galvano rectifiers, anodizing rectifiers, electropolishing rectifiers, battery charge rectifiers, cataphoresis paint rectifiers, electrophoretic lacquer coating rectifiers, cinema rectifiers, amusement park rectifiers and servo-controlled voltage regulators. , with its specialized staff, has taken its respected and prominent place in the sector by following today's technology closely. It is our aim and philosophy to maintain our position we have gained in the rectifier and regulator manufacturing sector and to take it further, to take firm steps further than the point we want to reach. 'Our references are our customers.' Based on the essence of the principle, we are rapidly expanding the scope of our customer portfolio. This power and energy that we have received from our customers motivates us more and encourages us as a company to move our works forward.